Daily Archives: May 1, 2017

What a balanced diet really means


Having a good health has got its own advantages and one very important reason why a person should have a very good health and it is even if you have all kinds of wealth at your possession and if you do not have a good health you would not be able to enjoy it as any kind of physical pain and suffering are intolerable and our mind would not be interested in anything as long as we have it. Hence it becomes very important to have a sound mind and a very healthy body. There are two things that would affect a persons health namely disorders and diseases.

A physical disorder is something we have by birth and it is very hard to overcome it but we can overcome diseases or even prevent it by having a balanced and a nutritious diet and regular physical exercise.

Balanced diet as the name implies is having a variety of best possible nutrition rich foods that are available and including them in the right proportion in our meals depending on our everyday bodily requirements. And balanced diet does not stop with that it is also should avoid eating excess of any kind of food.